Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services

We at Spyera and Security Detective Pvt. Ltd. have truly involved our selves in rendering a broader spectrum of cost-adequate Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services in Mumbai where we majorly concentrate on the following:

• Surveillance (Activities, Vices, Affairs etc.)
• Discrete Inquiries
• Financial Status
• Family Background
• Character Verification
• Communication Records
• Collection of Evidence, if any
• Timely Submission of Investigation Report


Marriage is considered as a gamble and you could lose in an event of your accepting blindly the well-decorated bio-data of a person which attracts a person towards it as the prospective matches which usually get sought by the matrimonial columns of any newspaper. Most of the times, these bio-data, are generally tailored made so as to perfectly suit most of the prospective brides/grooms as well as their families. Obviously, the prudent parents would not take any form of this risk which is naturally a great risk when it comes to taking a life-changing decision where the risk also focus on a bio-data reading in order to know about the boy/girl and his family.

As, Pre Matrimonial Investigation has become the most demanded and requested, a team of our service providers carry out in a special way while assisting you to take the right decision completely by verifying and checking the details and information provided to you by the other families from anywhere in a city like Mumbai. Thus, we provide these Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services in Mumbai at cost-effective rates with timely execution while concentrating on the following points:

• Relevant information relating to the boy/girl
• Character Verification
• Verification of social reputation
• Information relating an employment/business
• Detailed background
• Report of their activities
• Education history
• Children from these marriages, if any
• Social status and reputation of the family
• Past broken
• Unbroken Marriages
• Financial status of the family

All Pre Matrimonial Investigation services are conducted with an utmost care where proper secrecy is highly maintained. At the present time, getting connected with the people have become easy but sometimes risky too. Moreover, most of the matrimonial sites provide help in match making but then also you cannot fully trust them so, it is advisable and is also mandatory to cross-check the genuinity of a person for which we are here to welcome you with a broader spectrum of Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services in Mumbai.