Best Detective Services in Mumbai

For the past few years, we have been synonymous with an innovative world-class Best Detective Services in Mumbai where we specialize in both the Private and Corporate Investigations and Surveillance as well. Our experienced team of highly qualified investigators treat our clients with discretion, confidentiality and meticulous attention to an information. We provide a vast range of Best Detective Services at an affordable budget. We are responsible for solving all the queries in a concise and transparent manner while reflecting a complete transparency in an accuracy. Our trained and experienced professionals have completely occupied the firm with a sophisticated surveillance gadget so as to meet the changes and challenges as per the concerns of the modern technology

We provide the following services:

• Personal Investigation
• Detective for Surveillance
• Detective for Teenage Monitoring
• Detectives for Family Court Case
• Detective for Civil Crime Cases
• Child Custody and Maintenance
• Investigation on Cheating Partners
• Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigations
• Detectives for Missing Person
• Detective for Dating Scams


Doubt is a poison which always disintegrates a relationship and leads in breaking of trust and faiths which only can get cleared by a course of an action. Not a big deal that a relationship suffers from a lot of doubts which also trouble a person. One can be very suspicious of spouse, friend or business partner. Moreover, you might be also having a doubt regarding a person's behavior and integrity which can only be cleared by proper but discreet verification. Thus, to solve such factors we provide a cost-effective Detective Services in Mumbai to all those who are in need of.

Thus, we take an immense pleasure in saying that we go till the depth of a case while reflecting the truth. We are smart, highly reliable and resourceful. We are well trained who have years of experience in surveillance where we shall reflect the shadow and monitor all the activities by using technologically advanced, tools and equipment gadgets and devices. We submit an un-biased and detailed report with an accuracy of an evidence while having a thorough investigation.